2010 All-Jefferson District football released

With the completion of the first round of the Region II tournament, the All-Jefferson District football team was released Monday. Here is the entire squad. As expected, a lot of Louisa representation for the unbeaten district champions, but William Monroe places several more players on the three teams than in recent memory, a testament to the Dragons’ improvement.

Offensive player of the year

Anthony Hunter, Louisa County, Running back

Defensive player of the year

Brandon Ornduff, Louisa County, Linebacker

Coaches of the year

Division 3: Brud Bicknell, Monticello; Division 4: Mark Fischer, Louisa County

All-Jefferson District

First team

Quarterback-Abbot Wallenborn, Western Albemarle

Running backs- Anthony Hunter, Louisa County; Jesse Ayres, Monticello; David McKenna, Goochland

Wide receivers- Tyler Moneymaker, Monticello; Amir Waller, Orange County

Tight end- Zach Duprey, William Monroe

Tackles- Tommy Payne, Louisa County; Trevor Jenkins, Goochland

Guard- John Dennis, Louisa County; JD Frith, Goochland

Center- Deangelo Johnson, Louisa County

Kick specialist- Colby Cooke, Goochland

Return specialist- Isaiah Ferguson, Orange County

Athlete- YaYa Anderson, Fluvanna County

Second team

Quarterback- Kire’ Worley, Louisa County

Running backs- Rayshawn Jackson, Louisa County; T.J. Dudley, Fluvanna County; Dustin Plummer, Goochland

Wide receivers- Jake Nidiffer, Western Albemarle; Tyler Seal, Orange County

Tight end- Dillon Morrow, Orange County

Tackles- Matt Hunt, Monticello; Rodney Carroll, Orange County

Guards- Ben Lacey, Fluvanna County; Adam Frazier, Western Albemarle

Center- Zach Robb, Western Albemarle

Kick specialist- Hunter Ferguson, Orange County

Return specialist- Chris Thurston, Charlottesville

Third team

Quarterback- Mitchell Morris, William Monroe

Running backs- Adam Diehl, Western Albemarle; Logan Forloines, William Monroe; Doug Sizemore, William Monroe

Wide receivers- Raheem Johnson, Louisa County; Deno Robinson, Monticello

Tight end- Tyson Wachenheim, Monticello

Tackles- Stacey White, William Monroe; Colby Goodson, Fluvanna County

Guards- Zach Cummings, William Monroe; Kevin Hill, Orange County

Center- Josh Barringer, Fluvanna County; Landon Rasnick, Orange County

Kick specialist- Pete Barber, Western Albemarle

Return Specialist- Isaac Robinson, Monticello


First team

Down linemen- Ben Lacey, Fluvanna County; L.B. Williams, Orange County; Terry Kitt, Goochland

Defensive ends- Ben Sizemore, William Monroe, Lee McLaughlin, Goochland

Linebackers- Brandon Ornduff, Louisa County; Chris Colvin, Louisa County; Jess McLaughlin, Goochland; Mitchell Parks, Western Albemarle

Defensive backs- Rayshawn Jackson, Louisa County; Elijah Payne, Louisa County; Chad Cieslewicz, Monticello; Amir Waller, Orange County

Punter- Thomas Meadows, Goochland

Second team

Down linemen- Darien Dews, Fluvanna County; Rodney Carroll, Orange County; Ryan Flynn, Western Albemarle

Defensive ends- Tommy Payne, Louisa County; Nathan Johnson, Western Albemarle

Linebackers- Devin Goode, Fluvanna County; Enrique Brown, Monticello; Eddie Ellington, Orange County; Daniel Intolubbe-Chmil

Defensive backs- Tyler Seal, Orange County; Ryan Coles, Goochland; Zakell Johnson, Goochland; Tanner Knight, Western Albemarle

Punter-Hunter Ferguson, Orange County

Third team

Down linemen-Justin Stevens; Brian McDermont, Louisa County; Divonte McLaughlin, Goochland

Defensive end- Jake Westbrook, Monticello

Linebackers-Alec Butterworth, William Monroe; Anthony Hunter, Louisa County; Troy Johnson, Orange County; Nathan Adams, Goochland

Defensive backs- Chris Thurston, Charlottesville; Denzel Terry, Monticello; Ben Markiewicz, Fluvanna County

Punter- Pete Barber, Western Albemarle