2011 All-Commowealth baseball released

The 2011 All-Commonwealth baseball team was released this week and Albemarle’s squad took home a host of honors.

Player outfield the year

Sean Kennedy, North Stafford

Coach outfield the year

Shawn Szakelyhidi Colonial Forge

First Team

Outfield: Timothy Aker, Albemarle, Jr.

Outfield: Ben Morgan, Colonial Forge, Sr.

Outfield: Aaron Williams, Mountain View, Sr.

Outfield: Mikey Bruno, Mountain View, Sr.

First base: Geoutfieldf Cieslewitz,  North Stafford, Jr.

Second base: Derek Gallello, Riverbend, Sr.

Third base: Nick Gianforte, Riverbend, Sr.

Shortstop: Travis Ferrick, Colonial Forge, Sr.

C: James Keller, Colonial Forge, Sr.

DH: Trejon Smith, Stafford, Jr.

Utility: Joey Varaksa, Albemarle, Sr.

Pitcher: Sean Kennedy, North Stafford

Pitcher: Chase Boster, Colonial Forge

Pitcher: Nathaniel Traugh, Riverbend

Second Team

Outfield: Cody Beacorn, Stafford, Jr.

Outfield: Kody Jones, Stafford, Sr.

Outfield: Thomas Washington, Brooke Point Sr.

First base: Patrick Marshall, Stafford Sr.

First base: Jake Hendrix, Albemarle Sr.

Second base: Matt Macallese, North Stafford, Sr.

Third base: Kyle Mikula, Colonial Forge, Sr.

Shortstop: Tyler Skidmore, North Stafford, Sr.

Catcher: Joey Varaska Albemarle Sr.

DH: Jason Hager Mountain View So.

Utility: Geoutfieldf Cieslewitz North Stafford Jr.

Pitcher: Sean Baldwin Colonial Forge Sr.

Pitcher: Jacob Lopez Mountain View Sr.

Honorable Mention Albemarle honorees

Outfield: Joe Burrism Albemarle, So.

Outfield: Christian Aasen, Albemarle, Sr.

Second base: Lee Carneal, Albemarle, Jr.

Pitcher: Timmy Aker Albemarle, Jr.

Pitcher: Joseph Burris Albemarle, So.

Pitcher: Austin Turner Albemarle, Jr.