2014 All-VISAA football released

The 2014 All-VISAA football teams were released this week. Here are local players who were honorees.

Division I

First team offense

Running back: Rashon Torrence, Fork Union, Sr.

Offensive line: Clark Yarbrough, Woodberry Forest, Jr.

First team defense

Linebacker: Duke Sherrell, Woodberry Forest, Sr.

Defensive back: Nathaniel Tyrell, Woodberry Forest, Sr.

Athlete: Lionel Johnson, Woodberry Forest, Jr.

First team Special Teams

Punter: Liam Hedge, Woodberry Forest, Sr.

Punt return: Nathaniel Tyrell, Woodberry Forest, Sr.

Second team offense

Wide receiver: Zack Roderick, Woodberry Forest, Jr.

Second team defense

Linebacker: Wylie Mendecino, Woodberry Forest, Sr.

Honorable mention offense

Quarterback: Christian Zaytoun, Woodberry Forest, Sr.

Offensive line: Beau Carter, Fork Union, Sr.; Logan Brady, Woodberry Forest, Sr.

Tight end: Preston Durocher, Fork Union, Jr.

Honorable mention defense

Linebacker: Joseph Stephenson, Woodberry Forest, So.; Adam Hackenberg, Fork Union, So.

Defensive line: Josh Nevers, Fork Union, Jr.

Defensive back: Logi Portugal, Woodberry Forest, Sr.; Micah Keels, Fork Union, Sr.

Division II

First team offense

Wide receiver: Kareem Johnson, STAB, Jr.

Offensive line: Bredt Stockwell, STAB, Sr.

First team defense

Linebacker: Kareem Johnson, STAB, Jr.

Defensive line: John Woodson, STAB, Jr.; Bredt Stockwell, STAB, Sr.

Defensive back: Jalen Harrison, STAB, Jr.

First team special teams

Kicker: Patrick Blake, STAB, Jr.

Returner: Kareem Johnson, STAB, Jr.

Second team offense

Quarterback: Lee Parkhill, STAB, Sr.

Running back: Jake Allen, STAB, Sr.

Wide receiver: Jalen Harrison, STAB, Jr.; Scott Spencer, Blue Ridge, Jr.

Offensive line: Gideon Elron, STAB, Sr.

Linebacker: Jake Allen, STAB, Sr.; Minor Smith, STAB, Sr.

Defensive line: Gideon Elron, STAB, Sr.

Defensive back: Brodie Phillips, STAB, Sr.

Second team special teams

Punter: John Schotta, STAB, Sr.

Honorable mention offense

Quarterback: Trevor Eaton, Blue Ridge, Sr.

Running back: John Woodson, STAB, Jr.

Wide receiver: Campbell Miller, STAB, Jr.

Division III

Second team offense

Running back: Austin Llera, Covenant, Sr.

Wide receiver: Quane Washington, Covenant, Sr.

Tight end: Bobby Findley, Covenant, Sr.

Offensive line: Jamison Steljes, Covenant, Jr.

Second team defense

Defensive line: Matt Kersey, Covenant, So.

Defensive back: Quane Washington, Covenant, Sr.

Honorable mention offense

Quarterback: Paul Huemme, Covenant, Sr.

Honroable mention defense

Defensive line: Rick Weaver, Covenant, 8th

Linebacker: Jamison Steljes, Covenant, Jr.; Paul Heumme, Covenant, Sr.; Sam Seelman, Covenant, Sr.

For the entire squads in each Division, click here.