All-ODFC Football 2012 released

The All-ODFC football team was released this week. Here’s the full squad, with representatives from Blue Ridge, STAB and Covenant.

Coaches of the year: Albert Jennings, Virginia Episcopal and Orlando Patterson, Blue Ridge

Offensive player of the year: Ronnie Stringfield, VES

Defensive player of the year: Michael Beisemier, VES

First team Offense

Offensive line: Nathan Silver, St. Anne’s-Belfield; Michael Beisemier, VES; Justin Sylvester, Blue Ridge; Spencer Lyndon, VES; Troy Thomas, Christchurch; Sam Kalinkski, Blue Ridge

Tight end: John Meade, Covenant

Wide receivers: P.J. White, Blue Ridge; Jordan Lowery, North Cross; Wyatt Slominski, VES

Running backs: Cody Pegram, Blue Ridge; Evan Anderson, North Cross; Ronnie Stringfield, VES; Jordan Wallace, Christchurch

Quarterback: Max Revercomb, North Cross; Brady Doyle, Covenant

First Team Defense

Defensive line: John Meade, Covenant; Aaron Stinnie, STAB; Michael Biesemier, VES; Sumner Higginbotham, VES

Linebacker: Walker Neill, STAB; Branden Taylor, North Cross; Trevon McGhee, North Cross; Muji Fricke, Blue Ridge; Jared Arntzen, Blue Ridge

Defensive back: Logen Musselman, VES; Shawn Steen, Blue Ridge; P.J. White, Blue Ridge; Jordan Hendrick, Covenant

First team specialists

Kicker: Shawn Steen, Blue Ridge

Punter: Davis Horbal, Christchurch

KO return: Trevon McGhee, North Cross; Leon Straus, Blue Ridge

Punt return: Calvin Strong, Christchurch; Jamie Gaston, Covenant

Locals on second team

Ray Rushton, Covenant, OL

Bredt Stockwell, Covenant, OL

Aaron Stinnie, STAB, OL

Nathan Johnson, Blue Ridge, OL

Danny Crawford, Covenant, WR

Leon Straus, Blue Ridge, WR

Jamie Gaston, Covenant, RB

Austin Llera, Covenant, RB

Shawn Steen Blue Ridge, RB

Teddy Morse, Covenant, DL

Walker Upchurch, STAB, DL

Austin Llera, Covenant, LB

Gus Rose, Covenant, LB

Drew Gaffney, Covenant, LB

Ryan Etheridge, Covenant, LB

Miles Davis, STAB, DB

Spencer Godine, Covenant, DB

Cameron Paton, STAB, K

Rob Schotta, STAB, Punter