Moving day: A quick look at each public schools’ playoff situation

Albemarle is in 16th in the Region 5A North after beating Charlottesville last week. With Monticello, Louisa and Orange left, the Patriots have their work cut out for them to secure a spot in the postseason. Win all three and they’re surely in. 2-1 probably in. 1-2 is going to make things interesting.

Orange is outside the top 20. Anything less than a 3-0 finish is likely going to put Orange on the outside looking in.

Louisa is ninth in Region 4A North with Orange, Monticello and Albemarle left on the schedule. A 3-0 closing run could push the Lions way up the ladder. Charlottesville is 15th in Region 4A North and with Western, Fluvanna and Powhatan left, they’ll likely need to go at least 1-2 to hang on to that spot. Fluvanna has to go 3-0 to have any hope of getting in and even then it could be tough. Powhatan is over in the 4A South and currently sit in seventh. With the powerhouses in front of them (Lake Taylor, Heritage (Newport News), Phoebus sit in the first through third slots), moving up could be a challenge, but a 3-0 run could help make it happen.

Western is sitting in fourth in Region 3A West with CHS, Powhatan and Fluvanna left. Go 2-1 there and Western will likely maintain that slot or somewhere close to it. Go 3-0 and they could potentially move up a slot or two. Monticello is 12th, and they’ve got to get back on track because a bunch of 4 and 3 win teams are lurking below them hoping to make a move up.

William Monroe is 10th in Region 3A East with Mason, Manassas Park and Clarke left on the schedule. It should be pretty simple for the Dragons to go 2-1 which should allow them to hang in the middle of the field in the region. Knock off Clarke and they could make a move way up.

Buckingham is seventh in Region 2A West, and they’ve got a tough matchup on their hands tonight at Nottoway. Win there though and a 3-0 finish shouldn’t be much of an issue, which would put them in the upper echelon of the region.

Goochland is still fourth in Region 2A East despite the loss last week to Nottoway, but they’ve worked through the bulk of the challengers on their schedule. They’ll need to win out and they’re also Buckingham fans tonight because Nottoway (currently fifth in the 2A East) losing would help Goochland fortify their position in the top four of the region. Madison is 16th in the 2A East, and probably needs to pick up at least one win between their contests with Strasburg, Central-Woodstock and Warren County to hang onto a postseason berth.  Nelson is one of those schools lurking behind Madison hoping to steal a win and potentially a playoff berth. Governors are currently 19th and have to get at least one more win to make a move.